Male teacher gifts: the 5 best buys for your child’s teacher

It can be hard to know what gifts to buy for teachers who are men. We’ve put together this quick roundup of male teacher gifts to help find that perfect way to say thank you. Let everyone else give Mr Smith yet another toiletries set, and give him something more up his street…

The 5 best male teacher gifts are…

5. RHYTHMZ headphones (£9.99)

RHYTHMZ in ear headphones

Most people wouldn’t think to buy a teacher something as useful as headphones. Nearly everyone likes music though, and it can be useful to have a nice pair of headphones handy to listen to music when you are marking books. These high quality RHYTHMZ have great sound, a cool braided cable and a built in microphone for taking calls.

Buy these headphones here.

4. Anker Astro phone battery (£9.99)

Anker portable phone battery

We all love our phones a bit too much these days. The batteries are always dying, especially if you are a busy person like a teacher. Anker make the best portable batteries to keep your phone going, and this one is great value. Your child’s teacher will be thanking you both when this saves them on their commute home.

Get this Anker battery here.

3. Smart RFID blocking wallet (£14.99)

RFID blocking wallet in black and orange

So often men use their wallets until they are falling apart. With cards to lose and your identity easily stolen this is bad news. This leather wallet is smart in more ways than one; it blocks RFID scanners that can steal the electronic identity of cards. This gift will keep your child’s teacher smart and safe.

Pick up the wallet here.

2. Exploding Kittens card game (£19.99)

Exploding Kittens card game

Get this quirky game for your child’s teacher and you are sure to add some fun to their evenings. For teachers with a good sense of humour, this hit card game will help them unwind and have a laugh with their friends.

Get Exploding Kittens here.

And the best of the male teacher gifts is…

1. Amazon Echo Dot (£39.99)

Amazon Echo Dot - Our best of male teacher gifts

Men like their gadgets, so if you want to push the boat out a little how about a voice operated assistant for your child’s teacher? This amazing Echo Dot will answer any question you can throw at it thanks to Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, perfect for checking your facts while planning your lessons. Some teachers are even using them in class to help children follow their curiosity. Even if they are already on the voice assistant bandwagon, this small version is perfect for another part of the house. The best of the male teacher gifts we found.

Order an Echo Dot for your child’s teacher here.


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