Music teacher gifts: 5 ways to say thank you

When you or your child reaches the next grade it’s nice to celebrate with a present for the teacher. Music teachers work so hard. But they usually get the same old gifts. We’ve searched the web to find the music teacher gifts that are a bit more distinctive and special for you to really say ‘thank you’.

Here’s our five top music teacher gifts…

5. The Music Diary (£7.50)


Music teachers are busy people, so a way to keep track of all those lessons is one of the most popular music teacher gifts. This diary is not only designed for music teachers. It also features lots of interesting dates and anniversaries from the history of music. It’s also made by top music brand Boosey & Hawkes. Your music teacher will always have a fact of the day for their students, as well as keeping track of their lessons with this music diary.

Get a Music Diary here.

4. iclips Magnetic page markers (£4.00)

Magnetic page markers for sheet music

Have you noticed how much sheet music teachers have to deal with? With many students per day, each working on different pieces, they need to keep all that music organised. These fun magnetic clips are perfect for marking the pieces they need each day in their sheet music. The musical symbols help find the right piece quickly. Magnets keep the pages clean and tidy. No more sticky mess from tape or glue from stickers and post its. No more ripped and tatty pages. These magnet clips are perfect presents for busy music teachers.

Find these magnetic page markers here.

3. This is your brain on music (£7.96)

This is your brain on music - cover of the book

Your music teacher knows a lot about music, but you can bet they’ve never looked at it this way. In this fascinating book Daniel Levintin explains the role of music in human evolution and explores why music is so important and emotional to us. He looks at examples of music and composers throughout history. He even goes deep down to the very way music actually works in terms of sound. This book really gets you thinking about your response to music and why it’s so important to how we feel about the world. One to get your music teacher looking at what they do in a slightly different way.

Order a copy of the book here.

2. Musical scarf (£8.99)

A blue scarf with music notation pattern

Ok, so it’s not literally musical, but this scarf is the closest you can get other than some novelty battery powered ties you really want to avoid… There are lots of music teacher gifts out there with musical logos printed on them, but none are as stylish as this scarf. Music is such a big part of music teacher’s identity. They’ll love to share it with everyone with this high quality scarf. You can get it in various colours too.

Pick up a musical scarf here.

And top of the music teacher gifts is…

1. Miniature instruments (£10-15)

Mini instruments - the best music teacher gifts

The top of our music teacher gifts are these adorable miniature replicas of instruments. You can really show your gratitude by finding a mini version of your teacher’s instrument, or the one they are helping you to master. Take a few minutes to search out the right instrument and your music teacher will have a sweet reminder of the instrument they love so much.

Head over to Amazon and search for a miniature of your teacher’s instrument.